Resident democracy

Resident democracy

Residents are in a good position to influence decision-making involving Vaso. The residents' involvement in decision-making and their opportunities for being informed about matters and supervision of matters concerning these are secured by Finland’s Laki yhteishallinnosta vuokrataloissa (Act on joint administration in rental buildings, 649/1990), and this legislation forms the basis for the functioning of Vaso.

Vaso has a board of directors comprised of nine members, and the residents appoint two representatives and one deputy representative. The residents also appoint a site-specific local supervisor.

The highest decision-making body embodying resident democracy at Vaso bears the name Vaso-kokous (Vaso Meeting), which holds two meetings per year (spring and autumn).

The residents' cooperation body, acronym YTE, has 16 members. YTE holds meetings once a month or so. YTE has working parties, each with a delimited sector of operation, e.g. evaluation of new targets, information dissemination, and environmental matters.

An annual residents' meeting is held every year at every property, and all residents are entitled to participate in these meetings. These meetings address current matters on interest involving the real estate property, e.g. the budget for the coming year.

The residents' meeting is where a residents' committee and local supervisor and Vaso meeting representative are appointed. The residents' committee attends to the property matters in cooperation with the building manager. When dealing with major matters, it is advisable to arrange authorisations via the residents' committee.