Asset limitation

You are eligible to get a right-of-occupancy home if you are of legal age and you do not have a satisfactory owner-occupied home or enough finances to purchase one in the Turku region. The asset limitation does not apply to people over 55 years of age.

Asset limitation based on home type

The asset limitation is based on the type of home you are applying for; it is determined by the amount of the home’s right-of-occupancy fee and location. If your assets exceed the limitation set forth in the Right-of-occupancy Housing Act, we will have to offer the home to the next applicant in line. An applicant whose assets exceed the limitation may be granted the home if there are no other applicants applying for it.

Asset statement to VASO

Before signing the right-of-occupancy contract, we always make sure you fulfill the eligibility requirements. For this purpose, we kindly ask that you send us an asset statement and a copy of your most recent tax return to We will then forward them to the municipality or city in which you have chosen a home for approval.

To obtain your tax return, sign into the MyTax webpage.

Go to the MyTax webpage

If you own a home, we will need a document, such as the deed, proving it has been sold or that it is under commission to be sold. In addition, we will need proof of your other possible assets, for example a screenshot of your online bank account that shows the current value of possible stocks and trust funds. Loans reduce the value of your assets. Therefore, you should notify us of the amount of your loans, for example by taking a screenshot of your online bank account showing your loans.