The following are answers to frequently asked questions.

  • How do I apply for a VASO home?

    To apply for a VASO home, you must first obtain a right-of-occupancy number. We have compiled a detailed checklist of the application process.

  • How do I obtain information about available homes?

    You will see the available homes when you make a search for homes. If you are interested in VASO’s homes, we recommend filling out a right-of-occupancy application immediately. It functions as your home finder meaning that once you have sent in the application, you will receive notifications about available homes that suit your criteria. Sending an application does not commit you to anything.

    If you want, you can ask about available homes at our office on Rauhankatu 4, Turku.

  • Can I own the home completely at some point?

    Unfortunately, you cannot. A right-of-occupancy contract gives you the right to occupy the home, which can be inherited or transferred to a family member. 

  • Are all of the right-of-occupancy homes for families?

    Our selection includes everything from studios to 5-bedroom homes. 

  • Are there limitations on obtaining a right-of-occupancy home?

    There are no income limitations on our right-of-occupancy homes, but there are asset limitations on applicants under the age of 55. Applicants are not permitted to own a home suitable to their needs in the same area they are applying for a VASO home.

    Read more about the asset limitation. The precise limitations in euros are available at our office.

  • What is the right-of-occupancy number and why do I need it?

    The right-of-occupancy number determines who gets a particular home. If multiple applicants are applying for the same home, the applicant with the smallest number has priority over the others. You can obtain the number from the municipality or city in which you are applying for a home. Apply for a right-of-occupancy number here.

    If you would like to check if you have a right-of-occupancy number, you will find the contact details of the housing offices here.

    Once you have used the number for a right-of-occupancy contract, you can no longer use it. Read more about the right-of-occupancy number.

  • How long is the line for the homes?

    It is impossible to state the precise length of the line because it depends on the applicant’s right-of-occupancy number, among other things. The length of the line also depends on the type of home you are looking for and in what area.

    We are often able to offer an applicant a home rather quickly, but you may have to wait quite a long time for certain homes. The available homes change on a daily basis.

  • Are right-of-occupancy homes more expensive than renting or owning a home?

    When comparing prices, it is important to consider all the quality elements, for example how well the home is equipped, location and the risks associated with the form of occupancy. Right-of-occupancy living is reasonably priced compared to renting and you do not need to take out a large mortgage.

  • Can I have a pet in the right-of-occupancy home?

    Yes, you may have a pet. It is essential, though, that the pet(s) does not cause damage to the property or disturb the neighbours. 


  • How much in the right-of-occupancy fee?

    The right-of-occupancy fees vary from €5,000 to €60,000. The size of the home, location and the age of the property affect the amount of the fee.

  • What other fees are collected?

    Before a new resident moves in, we charge a security deposit equal to a two-month maintenance fee, which is returned to the resident when moving to a new house if no damage has been done to the home and the resident has paid all of the maintenance fees. 

    Residents pay a monthly maintenance fee which includes a broadband connection in all VASO homes.

    A water fee/water fee deposit based on the number of persons living in the home is collected. Nearly all of the homes have a water meter and the amount of water consumption is balanced out throughout the year, and a balancing invoice is sent to residents.

    Many of the properties have a separate monthly parking fee, but for many properties it is included in the maintenance fee. 

  • Are water and electricity included in the maintenance fee?

    The maintenance fee does not include electricity. VASO requests quotations for inexpensive electricity from various electricity companies and residents may choose to use the chosen company, if they want. One of VASO’s Green Card benefits is the offer made by Turku Energia.

    In addition to the maintenance fee, a water fee/water fee deposit based on the number of persons living in the home is collected. Nearly all of the homes have a water meter and the actual amount of water consumption is balanced out a few times during the year. A balancing invoice is sent to residents.

  • Does VASO renovate the homes?

    VASO is responsible for the properties’ maintenance. The homes are offered to prospective residents in neat condition, and if needed, we will do a light remodelling.

  • Can I renovate my VASO home as I wish?

    Yes. We recommend that residents renovate and decorate their home to suit their style. However, before you start, discuss your plans with VASO’s superintendent.

  • Who takes care of the property’s maintenance and yard work?

    As a rule, a maintenance company takes care of maintenance work, but residents may also agree on communal yard work. 

  • Resident democracy. Does it exist?

    VASO residents have good opportunities to have their voices heard. VASO’s Board always has two resident representatives, the properties have Residents Committees and a Residents Meeting is held at least twice a year.  

  • Who owns VASO?

    The City of Turku owns 56.7 % of the company. The rest of the shares are owned by the neighbouring municipalities and construction companies.

  • Can I move to a different VASO home, if needed?

    Absolutely. We have strived to make moving to another VASO home as easy as possible. Residents should first obtain a new right-of-occupancy number. We recommend obtaining one even though moving may not be a topical issue at the moment.

    Once a suitable home has been found, we will transfer the right-of-occupancy fee for your current home to the new home. A prerequisite for moving to a new home is that the resident responsibilities have been taken care of properly and there are no notifications of disorderly conduct. 

    Read more about moving to a new VASO home.

  • What do I have to consider when moving out of a VASO home and when do I get my right-of-occupancy fee back?

    The period of notice for a right-of-occupancy home is 3 months from the date VASO receives the notification. The notification must be made in writing. The right-of-occupancy fee and security deposit will be returned to you at the end of the period of notification. The amount of the right-of-occupancy fee to be returned is always at least that which the resident paid when moving into the home.

    Once the final inspection has been made and the resident has returned the keys to the superintendent, the payments will be mobilized. The original right-of-occupancy contract must also be returned to VASO. The right-of-occupancy fee will be in your account, or in the case of collateral, the bank’s settlement account, within two weeks after the tenure has ended.