Giving notice to move out

Follow these steps when moving out of your home:

  • 1. Notify VASO you are moving out and tell us about any modifications you have done in the home.

    The period of notification for moving out of your home is three (3) months from the date we receive your notification. The notification must be given in writing either online or using our form.

    You can give your notification in three different ways:

    1. Online: Fill out a move-out notice here.
    2. By post: Fill out and print a move-out notice here. Take into account that the period of notice begins the day we receive your notice in the VASO office.
    3. Visiting the VASO office at Rauhankatu 4, Turku.

    If you have made modifications in the home, attach any receipts you have related to the modifications to your move-out notice. Unfortunately, we cannot accept receipts at a later time. See Instructions for Reimbursable Modifications!

  • 2. Remember your home insurance and electricity agreement.

    Give notice of your move to your home insurance company and electric company, but make sure they are valid for the three-month period of notice, or at least until you move out.

  • 3. Return your right-of-occupancy contract.

    If you have used your right-of-occupancy contract as collateral for a mortgage from the bank or other pledgee, provide their details on the move-out notice. This way, the pledgee will ensure the right-of-occupancy contract is returned to VASO.

    If you have the right-of-occupancy contract yourself, return it to VASO within the period of notice. Returning the contract is a prerequisite for receiving the right-of-occupancy fee.

  • 4. Return the broadband modem.

    If you are using a DNA rental modem free of charge in your home, return it to a DNA service shop before you move out. Unfortunately, if the modem remains in the home, we will have to charge you a 50-euro fee for it.

  • 5. Notify your change of address.

    Notify both the maintenance company of your housing cooperative and the Population Register Centre of your change of address. See more detailed instructions here.

  • 6. Mark your move-out day on your calendar.

    Your move-out day is the last valid day of your contract. Contact a removal company well in advance, if you need one. You can also take advantage of the services rendered by the removal companies on VASO’s resident voucher card (Green Card).

  • 7. Observe a couple of practical issues before you leave.

    Cleaning the home

    Empty and clean your home carefully before the final inspection. Read the more detailed cleaning instructions for residents moving out here (linkki). Unfortunately, we will have to charge a cleaning fee if the home has not been cleaned sufficiently. Leave the home in good condition, so it is nice for the next resident to move in.

    Returning the keys

    Make sure you have all of the keys that belong to the home (including extra keys). You can return the keys to the VASO office, leave them in the home (to be agreed upon separately) or give them to the superintendent during the final inspection. If you do not return all of the keys, we will have to rekey the locks and subtract the fee from your security deposit.

    Reserving a time for the final inspection

    Remember to reserve a time at VASO’s superintendent’s office for a final inspection of your emptied, cleaned home. You may be present at the final inspection, but it is not mandatory. Return all of the keys to the home during the final inspection at the latest. The contact details for VASO’s superintendent’s office are here. (Tel.: +358 2 274 7006 or

  • 8. Returning the right-of-occupancy fee to you.

    We will return your right-of-occupancy fee and security deposit to you at the end of your right of occupancy. If your right-of-occupancy contract is being used as collateral, the fees are returned to the pledgee. We calculate the final right-of-occupancy fee at the end of the period of notice at the latest. You will receive, at least, the amount of money you have invested in the home.

    To receive the right-of-occupancy fee and security deposit, the final inspection must be completed, and the keys and right-of-occupancy contract must be returned to VASO. The right-of-occupancy fee will be in your account, or in the case of collateral, the bank’s settlement account, within two weeks after the tenure has ended.