Green Card benefits

The Green Card is sent to homes each year in January. You can use the card as proof you are a VASO resident when you take advantage of the card’s benefits. VASO residents can purchase products at a special price or receive discounts from Green Card partners. The Green Card services and products are closely related to living. The card is specific to each household; although the card is in the name of one family member, the other family members in the household may use the card.

The following companies are Green Card partners:

ATV Aninkaisten Tapetti ja Väri Oy
Satakunnantie 164, 20320 Turku
p. 02 3383 000

  • Paint, wallpaper and tiles
  • Flooring
  • Tools and materials
  • Discounts on net prices and campaign prices specifically for VASO residents

Blom-Salola Marianne
Vanha Tampereentie 337, 21370 Aura kk
p. 0400  787 247,

  • Garden planning
  • Landscaping
  • Caring instructions for trees and shrubs
  • Consultation

DNA supplies all VASO homes with Internet and TV services. As DNA customers, VASO residents can purchase connections and devices at discount prices, for example a faster Internet connection with DNA Netti, affordable 4G connection for your phone and 4G Internet connection. Read all about DNA’s offers and customer benefits here. As a DNA customer, you have an advantage and more joy for your everyday life.

Welcome to your nearest DNA Kauppa shop. Find the DNA Kauppa shop nearest you.

Raisio – Kauppakeskus Mylly, Myllynkatu 1, 21280 Raisio
Turku – Länsikeskus, Markulantie 150, 20320 Turku
Turku – Skanssi, Skanssinkatu 10, 20730 Turku
Turku – Hansa, Eerikinkatu 15, 20100 Turku

You can also call our sales service number free of charge at 0800 550 044. We serve you weekdays 9 am–8 pm, Saturdays 10 am–4 pm,

ELIXIA exercise and wellbeing centre

VASO residents receive a 10 % discount on ELIXIA’s normal membership fees!

Read about ELIXIA’s services and create a membership that suits your needs at ELIXIA uses a base price of €39.00/month which discounts do not go below. 

ELIXIA Centrum: tel. +358 10 309 9440, Kristiinankatu 8, 20100 Turku
ELIXIA Jokivarsi: tel. +358 10 309 9445, Itäinen Rantakatu 60, 20810 Turku
ELIXIA Länsikeskus: tel. +358 10 309 9455, Viilarinkatu 4, 20320 Turku
ELIXIA Trivium: tel. +358 10 309 9345, Lemminkäisenkatu 32, 20520 Turku

If damage insurance company
p. 010 191 919

VASO residents are entitled to insurance benefits from If damage insurance company:

  • If Home Insurance covers your property at home, while moving and while on holiday.
  • With If Home Insurance you become a member of the If bonus programme and receive a 10 % permanent discount.
  • You can conveniently pay your insurance in as many as 12 instalments without any extra costs.
  • You receive smooth claims services and stable prices.
  • Home Insurance easily online

K-Rauta Kuninkoja
Itäniityntie 9, 21280 Raisio
p. 029 0074800

  • Discount prices when you show your Green Card (excludes discounts on services, campaign prices and net priced products)

Taalintehtaankatu 5, 20750 Turku
p. 0400 951 255

  • Quick, happy home cleaning at a reasonable price. We use unscented cleaning agents, if necessary.
  • Request an offer – you will receive a 40 % discount off the first cleaning in the contract.

Muuttokuljetus Kulmala Oy
Pulmussuontie 12, 20320 Turku
p. 02 2385 808, 0400 520 886 / Seppo Pavén

  • Moving transports and boxes
  • VASO pricing and quality with padded vehicles

Lainalaatikko Turku
Hemmon Kuljetus Oy
Postikatu 3, 20250 Turku
p. 044 5619 356

  • 10 % discount from the listed prices of moving boxes

Ruutu Kaihdin Oy
Kuormakatu 15, 20380 Turku
puh. 010 292 0050

We specialize in blinds for windows and balconies.
For VASO residents, we make house calls to measure and introduce our array of products free of charge and calculate a discount price for blinds.

Taiko – taidekauppa verkossa
p. 044 231 5269

Refine the ambience of your home with art! Taiko is an online business which makes buying unique Finnish art easy. Our extensive selection of thousands of works offers something for every home and every wallet. We offer several payment alternatives, including instalments. We deliver the work straight to your door.

  • Taiko offers a 10 % discount to all VASO residents. Just enter the code VASO in your shopping cart.

Turku Energia Oy
Linnankatu 65, 20100 Turku
Tel.: +358 2 262 8111 (local network charge/mobile charge)

Turku Energia offers an emissions-free Louna Vihreä electricity contract with a base charge of €2.00/month (normal price €3.50/month). The offer is valid on new contracts. Turku Energia checks to make sure the location is entitled to the VASO discount.

Fill in our contract form here.

Vauhtisammakko Oy
Sirkkalankatu 13, 20500 Turku

  • Something for everyone at the Vauhtisammakko running school
  • 10 % discount off the running groups
  • lisätietoja ja ilmoittautumiset:

Wihanto Oy
Paalupaikka, Satakunnantie 102, 20320 Turku
Home appliances: +358 2 515 550
Lighting: +358 2 515 1560

  • Quality home appliances for VASO residents at a discount price
  • 15 % discount off the normal prices of lighting

Viherlassila Oy
Alakyläntie 2-4, 20250 Turku
p. 02 2546 651

  • Green interior decorating, summer flowers and seedlings
  • Related products at a discount price throughout the year
  • 10 % discount off the normal price on all plants and supplies for VASO residents

Turun Remontti ja kiinteistöhuolto
puh. 040-717 4964

  • Renovation services, such as painting, flooring, minor repairs, picture hanging, etc.