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Search for a home

You can search for a right-of-occupancy home using an easy online form, whether you are applying for your first right-of-occupancy home or moving from one Vaso home to another. The most important thing is to apply for a queue number immediately and apply, which will act as your home search alert. This page provides information about the application phases.

This page contains comprehensive instructions on applying for a right-of-occupancy home. You can become a Vaso resident if you are at least 18 years old and you do not own a property in the Turku region that could satisfy your need for housing or you do not have the finances to purchase one. The wealth limit does not apply to applicants aged 55 or over.

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You need a queue number to apply for a right-of-occupancy home. The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) has an online service that provides queue numbers. Queue numbers issued by ARA are valid nationwide, so you can use them to apply for a home anywhere in Finland. The number costs €9.20 and is valid for two years or until you use the number to make a right-of-occupancy agreement.
You do not need a queue number if you only want to move to a different home within the same residential property.

You can fill in a housing application when you have a queue number.

The application acts as a home search alert: you state what type of home you are applying for and the areas where you would like to live. Submitting an application does not obligate you to do anything. After completing the application, you will be offered homes that fit your criteria. You can apply for several homes on one application.

If you fill in the application online, you can edit or delete it later. We will email you a login link, or you can use this link. You must register for the service using your online banking credentials.

ARA’s online service allows you to check the validity of your queue number. Please note that you cannot fill in an application if you do not have a queue number or you do not know the validity period of the number.

If you want to move to a new home within the same residential property, fill in an application here. See section 3 for more information.

If you are a new applicant or are already a Vaso resident and want to move to a different residential area or property, fill in a housing application here.

Moving from one Vaso home to another

You need a new queue number to move to a new home. The ARA online service can provide a new queue number. When you have a queue number, you can fill in a housing application. See section 2 for more information.

Moving to a new home within the same residential property

You do NOT need a queue number if you want to move to a new home within the same residential property. Current residents always take precedence over other applicants.

If several residents wish to move to new homes within the same property, the resident who has lived there longest takes precedence. If two residents wishing to move to new homes within the same property have lived there for the same length of time, the resident with the lower queue number in their existing right-of-occupancy agreement takes precedence.

It is important to fill in the correct application so we know you want to move to a home within the same residential property. If you would like to move to a new home within your current residential property or any other Vaso property, you must complete two housing applications: an internal move application and a normal housing application.

When Vaso offers you a vacant home that interests you, you must register as an applicant for the specific home by the application deadline. We will send you instructions on how to register when we offer you a home that meets your criteria. We will offer the same home to every applicant whose criteria are satisfied. Note: When a purchase offer is sent to applicants who have housing applications, the bidding round is closed. No further applications are accepted for the relevant home in the application period. You can register as an applicant for as many homes as you like. Your housing search ends when you find a home.

When the application deadline has passed, we will offer the home to the applicant who takes priority. Applicants moving from one home to another within the same residential property take precedence. If no applicants wish to move within the same property, we will offer the home to the applicant with the lowest valid queue number. If you have the lowest number, you will be the first person invited to view the home and decide whether to accept it. For new builds, your decision will be based on the architect’s illustrations.

You are not obliged to accept the home – you can decline it if it does not seem like a suitable home for you. Declining an offer will not affect your application process or your chance of getting a new home. Your application will remain valid.

If you need financing to buy a right-of-occupancy home, we recommend contacting your bank when you submit your application. Before you accept a right-of-occupancy home, make sure you have the money. Banks accept right-of-occupancy agreements as loan guarantees.

If you are moving from one Vaso home to another, we can transfer your current right-of-occupancy fee to the new home. If you have pledged your current agreement as collateral at your bank, we will need your bank’s approval to change the collateral. We will plan the details of your move with you. The security deposit is specific to each home, so you must pay the deposit for your new home before you move.

If you want to accept a home, we will check that you do not surpass the wealth limit before you sign the right-of-occupancy agreement. We will ask you for your most recent pre-completed tax return and the completed Account of Assets form to document your wealth. The wealth limits do not apply to people aged 55 or over or people moving from one Vaso home to another.

Based on your documentation, Vaso will assess whether you are entitled to housing. The need for housing is evaluated when the right of occupancy is conferred. If you or any family members aged 18 to 54 moving in with you own an apartment or other assets, they will be considered when assessing your need for housing.

If your assets are above the thresholds stated in the Act on Right-of-Occupancy Housing, we will offer the home to the next applicant. If you are the only applicant, it is possible for you to get the home even if your assets are above the threshold.

We will agree on the move-in date when you will receive the keys to your new home and become liable for the residence charge.

You can sign the right-of-occupancy agreement digitally using your online banking credentials or mobile certificate. You can also schedule an appointment to sign it at the Vaso office. The right-of-occupancy agreement specifies the home, right-of-occupancy fee, residence charge, and other terms and conditions. The content of the right-of-occupancy agreement is based on the Act on Right-of-Occupancy Housing.

You will be notified by email when all the parties (Vaso and the right-of-occupancy holder(s)) have signed the electronic agreement. You can download the document from the Visma Sign archive and save it on your computer. If you sign the document at the Vaso office, you will receive a copy of the agreement immediately.

When you sign the right-of-occupancy agreement, we will provide instructions on how to pay the right-of-occupancy fee and security deposit. The security deposit is equal to two months of the residence charge. The payments are due two weeks before the agreed move-in date.

You can pick up the keys to your new home from our office on the start date of the agreement. Make sure you pay the right-of-occupancy fee and security deposit in good time before the agreed move-in date – we cannot hand over the keys until you have paid. You can redecorate your right-of-occupancy home to suit your style. If you want to negotiate alterations to the home before you move in, contact the property manager for your site.

Remember to register for our OmaVaso resident portal on your move-in date. OmaVaso is a convenient channel for handling all housing-related matters.

Welcome to your new home!