The is a service intended for residents where you will find information about your home and the housing company and makes communication with the Residents Committee and superintendent easy.

Service features

Information about your home and housing company 

You can update and supplement your personal contact information and browse the information about your home as well as your history pertaining to maintenance fees and payments.The service also has your housing company’s bulletin board where you will find current news and documents pertaining to the property, such as Rules and Regulations and the Minutes of the Residents Meetings. Important contact information for the maintenance company and superintendent, for exemple, are also located on the site. 

Send defect notifications quickly

The easiest was to send a notification about a defect in your home is to send it through the service. The service also allows you to follow the progress of your notification. 

 Effective communication

The service is VASO’s channel to contact you quickly in exceptional situations, for example if there is an unexpected water break or other disturbance. Se can remind you of an upcoming Residents Meeting or other current issue. – an easy way to send messages

The service is a simple way for you to communicate with the superintendent and VASO’s other administration. The service also stores all of the messages and notifications VASO has sent to you. We can also remind you of an upcoming Residents Meeting or other current issue.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to or upload the application to your iPhone (App Store) or Android (Play Store) phone.
  2. Use your bank credentials or mobile ID to sign into the service for the first time.
  3. Create new credentials for the service. You will use these the next time you sign into the service.
  4. You are ready to use the service!