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The property’s maintenance company handles the necessary repairs to homes and the property. The maintenance company can also open doors if you are locked out. You can send a maintenance request via OmaVaso, on our website, or by calling your maintenance company directly. The maintenance company’s on-call staff can provide 24-hour service in urgent cases.

Check the contact details of the maintenance company and property manager for your property

Maintenance includes:

  • Malfunctions in your home or on the property (such as leaking taps or toilets, broken ventilation or heating, or electrical faults)
  • Yard maintenance (such as gritting, snow-ploughing, or lawn-mowing)
  • Opening doors if you are locked out
  • Notices of change of address or name (please also notify Vaso if you change your name)
  • Keys for car heating poles
  • Other urgent matters (such as leaking pipes, broken locks on exterior doors, or urgent electrical faults)

Vaso’s property manager takes care of the property’s budgeting, technical condition, major repairs, and general housing comfort.

Property management includes:

  • Renovations (the permitted modifications are described here)
  • Keys (e.g., reporting lost keys or ordering extra keys)
  • Customer loyalty discounts
  • Parking spaces (reservations are handled with eParking if it is in use on the property)
  • Breaches of the peace
  • Residents’ activities and meetings