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Every Vaso property has a parking area for residents. The pricing and allocation of parking spaces depend on the property. Contact your property manager for information about your property.

Parking is only allowed in designated spaces. The parking areas are intended for residents’ vehicles. Abandoned or decommissioned vehicles, parts of vehicles, or caravans must not be stored on the property. The owners of scrap vehicles will be liable for the costs of removing them.

Please note that the designated guest parking spaces are intended for short-term parking by guests. They are not for the residents of the property.


Since 2019, Vaso’s new builds and overhauled properties have used the eParking app to reserve parking spaces, manage car heating poles and pay for them. The app allows residents to reserve and terminate parking spaces. All eParking sites are subject to fees depending on the type of parking space. The electricity consumed by the car heating pole is billed according to consumption. Electric cars can be charged on all the properties that use eParking, as they have the required equipment. 

eParking is used on the following properties:
  • Ahterikatu 10, at Ahterikatu 10, Turku
  • Kankaristonrivi, at Kuoppamäenkuja 3, Turku
  • Kappakuja, at Kappakuja 1, Turku
  • Jokihelmi, at Karjatie 12, Lieto
  • Kartanonpuisto, at Kartanontie 5b, Kaarina
  • Keijulinna I & II, at Linnavuorenkatu 9 / Keijunkuja 1, Naantali
  • Kesäpouta, at Vesalankuja 8, Turku
  • Laitainen, at Laitainen 1, Turku
  • Lehdokki, at Hyvättyläntie 16, Lieto
  • Melodia, at Tornikatu 15, Raisio
  • Myllymatinsato, at Paavinkatu 25, Turku
  • Pihapolku, at Kotikoivunkatu 4, Turku
  • Prinssi, at Mäkiläkatu 3 & 8, Kaarina
  • Rauninaukio, at Rauninaukio 2, Turku
  • Reelinkikatu 5, at Reelinkikatu 5, Turku
  • Ruustinna, at Kirkkoväärtinkuja 1b, Raisio
  • Sinipiianrivi, at Linnavuorenkatu 14, Naantali
  • Villa Gardberg, at Kärsämäentie 68c, Turku

Residents on these properties should use the eParking app to reserve a parking space, manage the car heating pole and make payments.
All eParking sites are subject to fees depending on the type of parking space. Electricity is invoiced according to consumption.
Residents are responsible for terminating the parking space agreements they make with eParking. The notice period is 1 calendar month. Electric cars can be charged on all the properties that use eParking, as they have the required equipment. Charging hybrid or electric cars using an ordinary car heating pole is strictly forbidden

Parking and driving in yard areas

Motor vehicles may only be parked in yard areas or emergency access routes for short-term purposes such as loading or unloading. After this, the vehicle must be moved elsewhere. Parking is only allowed in designated places. Residents must not park outside the doors or on lawns.

Residents should avoid all unnecessary driving in yard areas and emergency access routes and should drive with extreme caution in these areas.

The emergency access routes and areas must be free for emergency service vehicles to access. Emergency service vehicles must always have unobstructed access to the fronts of housing units. 

Guest parking

The guest parking spaces on the property are intended for short-term parking by guests of residents. Residents must not park in them. Some guest parking spaces have time limits.

Parking with a disabled person’s parking permit

Some of Vaso’s properties have parking spaces marked with a disabled sign. The spaces are subject to a fee. You can contact Vaso about renting one. The yard areas on Vaso’s properties are private areas, so unlike in public areas, it is not permitted to park there with a disabled person’s parking permit, except in the designated disabled parking spaces.

Parking control

Some properties have parking control, as shown on signs at the entrance to the parking area. Parking control is handled by Pysäköintiturva. You can also report parking violations to Pysäköintiturva. If you think you need parking control on your property, contact the residents’ committee or property manager. Residents on properties without parking control can report the licence numbers of incorrectly parked vehicles to the property manager.

Car heating poles (not with eParking)

Nearly all the yard parking spaces rented by Vaso include a car heating pole. Charging hybrid or electric cars using these car heating poles is strictly forbidden, and the system is not designed to withstand such high electricity consumption. The cover of the car heating pole unit must be kept locked with the heating cables detached. The maintenance company is entitled to remove cables left hanging or in poor condition. You will receive a key to the car heating pole from the Vaso office or your maintenance company. When you stop renting the parking space, you must return the key to Vaso.

Buying an individual charging pole

If there are no charging poles for hybrid or electric cars on your property, you can buy one. It will be counted as a separate modification. 


No excess items, such as flammable liquids, may be stored in garages. One set of tyres (4 tyres) may be stored in garages or storage areas for moveable property. Vaso will provide the keys/remote controls to garages. When you stop renting the parking space, you must return the key/remote control to Vaso.