Resident Loyalty Credit

If you have lived in a VASO home continuously for 8, 15, 20 or 25 years, either as an owner or tenant, you are entitled to Resident Loyalty Credit. The credit is intended for renovating or furnishing your VASO home.


The number of years warranting credit and amount in euro:

  • After 8 years of residency: €10/m²
  • After 15 years of residency: €15/ m²
  • After 20 years of residency: €25/ m²
  • After 25 years of residency: €25/ m²

Remember to apply for your Resident Loyalty Credit when you have reached the set years of residency!

Reward for long-standing residents – here’s how the Resident Loyalty Credit works:

  • You can get the Resident Loyalty Credit by applying for it at the VASO office. You will need proof of the number of years you have lived in a VASO home, either a certified statement or other reliable proof of your residency, especially if you have lived in a VASO home more than 15 years. If you moved into a VASO home in November 2007 or later, your residency information will be in our system.
  • You can use the credit for renovations or to purchase a new appliance (dishwashers only for those homes where it is a standard appliance), renewing the cabinets, etc. Renovations may include wallpapering, painting or new flooring.
  • Before receiving the credit and starting the renovations, your home will be evaluated together with the superintendent and renovation professional.
  • The credit may not be used for anything else other than renewing your VASO home.
  • You can take advantage of the tax credit for household expenses if you call for a renovation professional and pay for the renovation work yourself.
  • You can combine the Resident Loyalty Credit with more extensive renovations scheduled to take place in the property, if such renovations have been scheduled. You can enquire about scheduled renovations in the Residents Meeting or from the superintendent.
  • You will receive the credit for the most recently fulfilled number of residency years with the following limitations:
    • The credit cannot be added up. For example, you cannot use the credit for the 20-year milestone and the 25-year milestone at the same time.
    • The credit must be used within three (3) years of becoming valid with the exception of the 8-year milestone, which can be used within 4 years of becoming valid.
    • Residents who have received the former ‘Kymppi’ credit can no longer receive credit at the 8-year milestone.

Unfortunately, the Resident Loyalty Credit cannot be used during the period of notice if you plan to move out. VASO reserves the right to make decisions divergent from the above-mentioned rules for a justified reason on a case-by-case basis.