Residents Democracy

Residents have excellent opportunities to influence VASO’s decision-making. Two out of the seven members and one out of the three deputy members on VASO’s Board are resident representatives. The highest decision-making body for VASO Resident Democracy is the VASO Meeting, which is summoned twice a year.

Residents Committee

There are 16 members on the Residents Committee, and it meets about once a month. The Residents Committee meets to discuss annual issues related to right-of-occupancy, functions as a trustee and negotiating body between right-of-occupancy residents and VASO and develops the right-of-occupancy system. The Residents Committee has subcommittees (= divisions) that handle specific matters, for example evaluation of architectural drawings of new properties, communication and environmental issues.

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Residents Meeting

A Residents Meeting is held at each property once a year to which all of the residents for a particular property are summoned. Current issues concerning the property, such as the budget for the upcoming year, are discussed at the meetings. A property-specific residents committee, trustee and representative to attend the VASO Meeting are chosen at the Residents Meeting. The property-specific residents committee takes care of issues pertaining to the property together with the superintendent.