Responsibilities of residents and Vaso

Living in a VASO home is easy and safe. VASO takes care of its properties and wants its residents to live comfortably in their homes. VASO takes care of the properties, homes and grounds together with a maintenance company. VASO is also responsible for repairing the basic appliances, equipment and furniture in the homes. Residents are responsible for taking good care of their home and notifying VASO or the maintenance company of any necessary repairs or maintenance. Please read about the responsibilities in more detail below.

Vaso’s responsibilities

VASO is responsible for repairing the basic appliances, devices and furnishings in the right-of-occupancy home. For example:

  • Property locks and keys (additional keys and rekeying the locks through VASO, additional keys for a separate fee) 
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Dishwasher installed by VASO as a basic furnishing (included in the following properties: Katariina (Eerikinkuja 1), Keskusrivi (Frälsintie 1), Kuninkaanlaakso (Käräjätuomarinkatu 18), Melodia (Tornikatu 15), Pappilanaho (Koroistenkuja 1), Prinssi (Mäkilänkatu 3 ja 8), Ratsu (Mäkilänkatu 5), Soininen (Soinistentie 26) ja Unikko (Suoniityntie 8)
  • Cooker
  • Toilet seat
  • Sink
  • Taps
  • Sauna Stove
  • Fixed furniture and lights (excluding changes of lightbulbs

Residents are responsible for notifying the maintenance company about defective appliances that are VASO’s responsibility. If the appliances and furnishings mentioned above break due to the resident’s faulty use or carelessness, then the resident is responsible for paying for the repairs.

See more detailed information in the Distribution of Responsibilities.

Residents’ responsibilities

Residents are responsible for good conduct while living in the VASO home and notifying VASO about any repairs that are needed. The residents are responsible for the maintenance of the appliances and furnishings that are not considered basic, for example a dishwasher installed by the resident.

Residents are responsible for the following:

  • taking good care of the keys for their home and property. When moving out, residents must return all keys (including additional keys) to VASO. Additional keys can be ordered through VASO, but residents are responsible for the fees. Residents will be charged for rekeying the locks in the event they keys are lost.
  • ensuring the home has a fire alarm(s) and changing the batteries in them (excluding those connected to the electricity network)  
  • changing light bulbs inside the home
  • cleaning/changing the ventilation outlet valves
  • connecting the washing machine/dishwasher
  • cleaning the drains and odour traps
  • sealing the windows and doors
  • lubricating the door hinges
  • taking out home and liability insurance

Residents are responsible for notifying the maintenance company about defects and malfunctions in the home or property. Make a defect report here.

See more detailed information in the Distribution of Responsibilities.

Report defects

If something breaks in the home or you notice a defect in an appliance that belongs to the basic furnishings, report it immediately to the maintenance company. Make a defect report here.

Reporting defects and malfunctions and having them fixed saves money. Even though a small leak in the sink does not significantly disturb your life, a leaky tap or toilet wastes a considerable amount of water in a year. A leak the diameter of a piece of thread adds about €80 to the water bill and a leak the diameter of a match adds about €8,000/year.

Moving out

Notification of moving out must be given in writing either at the VASO office or at We do not accept notifications by email.

As of February 1, 2020, a preliminary inspection will be made in all homes with a terminated contract during the period of notice. The superintendent will let you know about the date and time of the preliminary inspection. Possible changes to the time or date of the inspection should be agreed upon with the superintendent.

Before moving out, make sure your home is properly cleaned and you have removed all your property (remember to empty the storage(s), bicycle storage, balcony/backyard). Normal wear and tear in the home is a fact of life and VASO is responsible for such repairs. If the home is in poor condition due to neglect by the resident, we will charge the resident moving out for the damage according to the Resident Invoicing Prices. Download the Resident Invoicing Prices here

Return all of your keys, including the one for the parking place, and your Right-of-occupancy Contract (unless you have used it for collateral for a mortgage from the bank) to the VASO office by noon the weekday following the contract termination date at the latest. If you do not return all the keys at this time, we will have to rekey the locks and subtract the fee from your security deposit. Return the keys during VASO’s opening hours and you will receive written confirmation that you have returned the keys and we can ensure they are returned safely.

Remember to terminate your electricity contract, parking agreement (eParking) and take your notice of moving out either to the maintenance company or the VASO office. VASO is not responsible for accrued fees due to contracts that have not been terminated.

Return the DNA cable modem to the nearest DNA shop in Raisio or Turku.

Distribution of Responsibilities


  • Property locks and keys (additional keys and rekeying the locks through VASO, additional keys for a separate fee) 
  • Outdoor walls, deflections and cracks in the load-bearing structures, and balconies
  • Thermal insulation and waterproofing for wet rooms
  • Malfunctions or structural defects in the outside door, original lock, door closer (door pump), door stopper and door loop, and doorbell (individual cases)
  • Malfunctions or structural defects in the balcony door
  • Maildrop and name plaque on the outside door
  • Structural defects in the window frames and casings as well as repairs and painting of fittings, etc.
  • Balcony windows installed by the housing cooperative
  • Repairs to the wall surfaces in the wet rooms and panelling in the sauna
  • Repairs to the benches in the sauna
  • Bleeding of radiators and basic adjustments to them
  • Adjustment and repair of air-vent valves and cleaning of ventilation ducts
  • Repair of range hood
  • Basic adjustment of water flow from taps
  • Repair and renewal of taps and shower heads and hoses (individual cases)
  • Pipe leakages
  • Repair and renewal of odour traps and floor drains
  • Repair of toilets (excluding the parts broken by the resident(s))
  • Opening of clogged drains (resident(s) responsible for costs if clog caused by resident(s))
  • Repair of fixed lamps and globes
  • Repair of outlets and switches (individual cases)
  • Repair of sauna stove
  • Repair and maintenance of cooker and fridge
  • Fences, common garden sheds and canopies
  • Changing the light bulb on the number light on the outside wall of the homes
  • Up-keep of the common garden areas


  • Purchasing extra keys
  • Rekeying the lock if keys are lost
  • Installation and maintenance of safety locks, safety latches and peephole
  • Lubrication of the hinges and locks in the outside door, repair and renewal of door seals
  • Repair and renewal of window seals
  • Installation of blinds (excluding homes where blinds are included in the furnishings)
  • Lubrication of the hinges and locks in the inside doors (excluding iLOQ locks)
  • Balcony windows (installed by the resident(s))
  • Keeping track of the condition of the wet rooms and reporting detected defects to the superintendent
  • Keeping the balcony and its drainage holes clean
  • Cleaning the ventilation ducts 
  • Cleaning the air-vent valves and filters, changing the filters
  • Cleaning the filter in the range hood
  • Cleaning the tap spouts
  • Cleaning the odour traps and floor drains
  • Connecting the washing machine and dishwasher must be done professionally, purchasing appropriate hoses and dishwasher tap
  • Making sure the taps and toilet do not leak and reporting leakages to the maintenance company
  • Purchasing and changing lightbulbs, fluorescent lamps and starters for fluorescent lamps
  • Purchasing and changing fuses
  • Purchasing antennae connection cables
  • Additional telephone cables
  • Purchasing and changing the lamps in the fridge, range hood, etc.
  • Fire alarm(s) and batteries (excluding the fire alarms in the electricity network)
  • Sauna stove stones
  • Cleaning the condensers in the refrigeration equipment as well as the drainpipes in the fridge
  • Upkeeping the front and back gardens of your home, mowing the lawn and taking care of the shrubs
  • Keeping the area in front of the outside door clean, snow removal and ice prevention
  • Ensuring your home is neat and clean