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How to terminate a Vaso home.

The notice period for a right-of-occupancy home is three months from the date we receive your notice of termination. Please note that if two people have signed the agreement, they must both submit separate notices of termination. The notice period (three months) will begin to elapse from the date we receive the latter notice of termination. We will refund the right-of-occupancy fee and security deposit within two weeks of the end of the agreement. Notice of termination must be given in writing, either online or by submitting a form. Termination is binding and cannot be withdrawn. We will start looking for a new resident as soon as we receive your notice of termination. You should arrange viewings of the home for interested applicants at a time that suits you. Vaso will send the contact details you have provided to interested applicants. If you do not want your contact details to be sent to anyone else, and you cannot arrange viewings for applicants, a Vaso representative will come and show interested applicants around your home at a pre-agreed time. Please notify of the matter.

Death estates must always terminate homes in writing at the Vaso office. All the parties to the death estate must sign the termination form. Otherwise, it cannot be accepted. The notice period for an agreement owned by a death estate is three months. Further instructions on terminating a home.

If a guardian has been appointed for a resident, notice of termination cannot be submitted online. In this case, the guardian should contact Vaso’s customer service personnel at 02-2747000 or

There are three ways to submit a notice of termination:

1. Online (signed using online banking credentials or a mobile certificate):

2. By post:

3. At the Vaso office at Rauhankatu 4, Turku.

Please note that the notice period will begin to elapse on the date when your notice of termination is received at the Vaso office.

We will refund the cost of modifications based on receipts for payments you submitted to the property manager when the modification was completed. Receipts delivered retrospectively will not be accepted.

When you terminate your electricity contract and home contents insurance, make sure they remain valid until the end of the notice period (three months) or until you move out. Remember to terminate the rental agreements for your parking space via the eParking app.

If you have pledged your right-of-occupancy agreement as collateral at a bank or another pledgee, enter the pledgee’s information in the notice of termination.

If you are using a free rented modem from DNA, return it to a DNA shop before you move out. If you leave the modem in your home, we will deduct EUR 50 from your security deposit.

Submit a notice of change of address to the post office, your residential property’s maintenance company, and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Your move-out date can be no later than the final day of the validity of your agreement. If you need a removal service, book it well in advance of your move-out date. 


The property manager will inspect your home when you have returned the keys to the Vaso office. The property manager will contact you if the inspection is performed before you move out. You do not need to attend the inspection.

Final cleaning

The resident is responsible for the final cleaning of the home. Leave your home in good condition, so it is nice for the next resident to move in.

When you move out, make sure your home is thoroughly cleaned and you have taken all your possessions out of it (including storage areas, bicycle storage room, balcony/back yard).

Normal wear and tear of a home is a fact of life, and Vaso is responsible for repairing it. However, if you have significantly neglected your home or failed to do the final cleaning, we will charge you according to the price list for residents when you move out.

If the final cleaning is defective or your home is in an unsuitable condition, we will withhold any cleaning and renovation costs from your security deposit.

A more detailed checklist for residents moving out is available here. Download the price list for residents

The following are examples of damage that is not counted as normal wear and tear:

  • Damage caused by pets
  • Drawings on the walls or radiators
  • Torn wallpaper
  • Holes in doors
  • Cracks in washbasins

Please pay particular attention to the following:

  • Plug the inlet and outlet pipes of the dishwasher
  • Ceiling plug sockets must be put back/left in place
  • Clean behind the stove
  • Clean the grease filter in the cooker hood
  • Clean the floor drains
  • Leave the window key in the home

Returning keys

Return all the keys to the Vaso office no later than when your right of residence and occupancy of the unit ends, or by midday on the following weekday.

If you do not return all the keys to Vaso, you will be charged for the cost of rekeying the locks. Please also return the key to the car heating pole at your parking space, the key and remote control for the garage, if applicable, and the keys to the security lock.

Return the keys when the Vaso office is open. You will receive a receipt to prove you have returned the keys, and we will ensure they are returned securely.

We will refund your right-of-occupancy fee and security deposit after your right of residence and occupancy has ended. The right-of-occupancy fee will be in your account or your bank’s settlement account, if you pledged the agreement as collateral, about two weeks after your right of occupancy ends. We will confirm the final right-of-occupancy fee when the handover period ends. You will always receive at least the amount you invested back. The condition for repayment is that all the keys to the home have been returned to Vaso and the home has been inspected.