The service provides information to residents and eases communication.

The new service (in Finnish only) intended for residents was introduced at the beginning of June. It is a hub of information about your home and the housing unit, and it makes communication between residents, the residents’ association, superintendent and VASO quicker and easier.

The website is a service introduced by Turku-based Tietoaika Oy, and its features meet the needs of an ordinary housing cooperative and VASO residents. The service was piloted among a small group of residents in the spring. In June, the service will be available to all VASO residents.

Pekka Peltomäki, managing director of VASO, says, “We would like to make our services more digital and free our staff’s resources for doing what our residents want – personal consultation and service. I believe that our customer service and resident satisfaction will improve with the introduction of this solution. In addition to good service, it is a question of cost savings because we are able to communicate with our residents effectively electronically.”

The service contains information about residents’ Right of Occupancy contract which has been available for everyone to see on VASO’s housing page. The service requires residents to use their online banking identification or mobile signature when they sign into the service for the first time, and therefore it improves the data security of the residents and housing cooperative. The service can be used on computer as well as with an application downloaded on a mobile phone or tablet.

Teppo Heinonen, property manager at VASO, says, “We hope as many residents as possible will start using the service. It’s easy to use but, of course, we will provide consultation on how to use it if there are problems. If a resident isn’t able to use the service, or does not wish to, all of the information pertaining to living in the housing cooperative and about the cooperative itself will be sent to the resident’s address as before.”