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Right of occupancy is a hassle-free, risk-free and flexible form of housing without taking out a large loan. While you are living in your home, you pay a residence charge that is lower than the market rent level. You can live in a right-of-occupancy home for as long as you want. 
Right of occupancy is a strong alternative to rental and owner-occupied housing.

Vaso is the leading right-of-occupancy company in the Turku region, offering affordable housing in Turku, Raisio, Naantali, Kaarina, and Lieto. 

Benefits of the right of occupancy in brief:

No major financial risk

  • You do not need to take out a large loan for a right-of-occupancy home. The right-of-occupancy fee is 10–15% of the purchase price of your chosen home, and you only pay it once. Vaso’s lowest right-of-occupancy fee is approximately EUR 5,000. 
  • If you move out of your right-of-occupancy home, your right-of-occupancy fee will be refunded to you, adjusted according to the building cost index. We always refund at least the amount you invested.
  • You do not need to pay transfer tax for right-of-occupancy homes. This means you will not forfeit the tax break for first-time home buyers.
  • You can use your right-of-occupancy agreement to secure a bank loan.

Affordable living 

  • You pay a monthly residence charge for your right-of-occupancy home which is lower than the market rent level.
  • Vaso’s residence charge includes 100 Mbps broadband.

Flexible living

  • If your life situation changes, you can change to a new home that meets your needs. 
  • If you choose a different home within Vaso, your right-of-occupancy fee can be transferred to the new right-of-occupancy home. We always provide personal service: we plan your move with you. 
  • You can decorate your new home to suit your style. 

A hassle-free alternative

  • You can live in a right-of-occupancy home for as long as you want – the right of occupancy lasts a lifetime.
  • Vaso is responsible for the fixed structures and fittings in a right-of-occupancy home, so there is no need to worry about sudden or unpredictable costs. 
  • You also do not need to worry about the development of your investment’s value. When you move out, we will refund at least the right-of-occupancy fee you invested.

If you want to move out, we will sell your home for you.