Your right-of-occupancy application is your home finder

When filling in your right-of-occupancy application, you inform us about the type of home you are looking for and in what area. Once we receive your application, we will automatically notify you when suitable homes are available by sending home offers. This way, your application functions as a home finder. Sending us a home application or receiving offers does not commit you to anything in any way. Fill out a right-of-occupancy application here.

If you wish, you can fill out the application at our office on Rauhankatu 4, Turku.

First get a right-of-occupancy number

You will need to get a right-of-occupancy number for your application, because this is what determines the prospective resident for a home. You can get the number from the municipality or city where the home is located. Read more about the right-of-occupancy number or get a number.

You can fill out the home application once you have applied for the right-of-occupancy number – you do not have to wait to receive the number.

Fill out a right-of-occupancy application here.

Supplement your application later

Once you have filled out and sent the right-of-occupancy application online, you will receive a code with which you can edit or supplement your application at a later time. If you fill out a completely new application, your previous application will no longer be valid. Your application is valid for 12 months.

Supplement your application here.