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Here are some common questions related to applying for housing:

To apply for a Vaso home, you need a right-of-occupancy queue number and a valid housing application.

The application serves as a search alert: you will always receive an offer whenever a suitable home goes on sale. The application is not for a specific home or property. When you have read through the information about the home, you can register to apply for it. Note: When a purchase offer is sent to applicants who have housing applications, the bidding round is closed. No further applications are accepted for the relevant home in the application period.  

We have put together a detailed checklist for the application process.

The right-of-occupancy queue number determines who gets each home. If more than one applicant applies for the same home, the applicant with the lowest queue number takes precedence, and the home is offered to that person first.
A person applying to move to a different home within the same residential property always takes precedence over other applicants.

How can I apply for a queue number?
Apply to the ARA queue number register for a queue number. The register is an online service that requires you to log in with your online banking credentials or corresponding means. The service can be used in a web browser on a computer or mobile device.

When you have completed the application for a queue number and paid the fee (€9.20), the online service will display your queue number. Your queue number will be valid for 2 years.

Further information about queue numbers and how to apply for a number 

When you have a valid housing application, you will be notified when a home that meets your search criteria becomes available. Your housing application will be valid for one year. You can also visit our office to discuss housing: Rauhankatu 4, Turku.

It is impossible to state an exact waiting time, as it depends on the applicant’s queue number and the availability of homes applied for. For example, people apply for more small homes with Vaso than large-family homes. Each housing application involves different applicants with different queue numbers. In many cases, we can offer applicants a home that suits their needs quickly, but there may be a long waiting time for certain properties.

There are no income limits for our right-of-occupancy homes. There are wealth limits for applicants under the age of 55. For example, applicants cannot own a home in the same area that meets their housing needs. Our office always provides the exact limits for each home. Companies cannot apply for right-of-occupancy homes.

When comparing costs, it is important to consider all the factors related to housing, such as the price, size of the home, equipment and furnishings, location, and risks related to the form of housing management. Right-of-occupancy housing is affordable. Research has shown that it is cheaper than renting. As a right-of-occupancy resident, you know your housing costs and are not tied down by a large bank loan.

Right-of-occupancy fees vary from EUR 5,000 to EUR 60,000. The right-of-occupancy fee depends on the size and location of the home and the age of the property.

Residents pay for the electricity they consume in their homes. In addition to the residence charge, we bill for a water charge/advance water charge based on the number of people in the home. Almost all our properties have water meters for each home, so water is billed according to your actual consumption. Balance invoices are sent a few times a year. The residence charge includes electricity for heating, except for the Soininen property in Naantali.

For all other electricity consumption, residents should make contracts with an electricity supplier, except in Naantali Kauppilanrinne, Tiroli, Suopellonrivi, Sinipiianrivi, Keijulinna I and II, Haikarinlinna, Orkonkatu 7 and Tammistonpuisto, for which Vaso also bills residents for the electricity they consume.

Our homes range from compact studios to six-room family homes.

Residents whose agreements began on or after 1 October 2018 are not allowed to smoke anywhere on the property (including the back yard, front yard, common yard areas, parking spaces, etc.). The smoking ban also applies to electric cigarettes (vapes) and residents’ guests. Vaso is gradually moving towards a no-smoking policy. The property’s rules and regulations may designate a smoking area. Our new-build properties are completely non-smoking.

At present, the following properties are completely non-smoking:

  • Prinssi, Kaarina
  • Kartanonpuisto, Kaarina
  • Melodia, Raisio
  • Ruustinna, Raisio
  • Jokihelmi, Lieto
  • Villa Gardberg, Turku
  • Pääskynlinna, Turku (to be completed in 2023)
  • Lehtokerttu, Raisio

Pets are welcome at Vaso. However, pets must not harm or disturb other residents or the housing unit/property.

Yes, absolutely. We have tried to make switching from one right-of-occupancy home to another as easy as possible.

You can submit a new housing application once you have lived in your home for 6 months. We will advise on the process of moving homes when you find a suitable home. You can move to a new Vaso home if you have properly fulfilled all your obligations in your current home and you have no recorded breaches of the peace. Your right-of-occupancy fee can be transferred from one Vaso home to another. If your bank has your right-of-occupancy agreement to guarantee a loan, you will need the bank’s consent for the transfer.

You will need to pay the fees for both homes for the overlapping period required for the move. The period will be agreed upon before the agreement is signed.

The notice period for terminating your right of occupancy is three months from the date when Vaso receives your notice of termination. You must terminate your right of occupancy in writing.
Vaso will handle the sale of your home – you are not responsible for selling it. We will give your contact details to applicants wishing to view your home so they can arrange a viewing. We will refund your right of occupancy fee and security deposit at the end of the handover period, even if we do not yet know when the next resident will move in. We will refund your right-of-occupancy fee in at least the amount you paid when you moved in. The refund will be paid when your home has been inspected and the keys have been delivered to the Vaso office. The right-of-occupancy fee will be refunded no later than two weeks after your residence period ends. 

Vaso is responsible for the maintenance of the properties and housing units. Homes are offered to new residents in good condition. When a resident moves out, the housing unit is inspected, and the property manager determines whether any minor renovation is necessary.

Yes, our residents are allowed to make their homes comfortable. However, please contact Vaso’s property manager before you start renovating.

Generally, a maintenance company does the maintenance work, but residents can arrange a work party to do minor maintenance together. Residents are responsible for keeping the front and back yards of their homes in good condition.

Unfortunately not. Your right-of-occupancy agreement entitles you to live in the home, and the entitlement can also be inherited by your heirs and transferred to family members (after 2 years of residence).

You can rent out your home to another person if you have lived there for at least 2 years and, for example, your place of work or study moves to another municipality temporarily. Contact Vaso housingsales to check if you can rent out your home before you make a tenancy agreement.

The tenancy agreement must be a fixed-term agreement (max. 2 years), and you should submit a copy to Vaso. Note that as the lessor, you are liable for ensuring that the tenant pays the relevant fees. You cannot buy a right-of-occupancy home as an investment property.

Residents can influence matters on their property by attending residents’ meetings and getting involved in residents’ activities. Properties have residents’ committees, and a residents’ meeting is held at least once a year. There are also residents’ representatives on Vaso’s Board of Directors.

The city of Turku owns 56.7%. Neighbouring municipalities and property development companies own the remaining shares.